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Need a Speaker?

Cindy speaks to groups interested in herbs and gardening. She has lectured for Master Gardener Training classes and programs in several counties, The Bloom ‘n’ Garden Expo, The Nashville Lawn and Garden Show, The Herb Society of Nashville and Memphis, The Perennial Society, the National Conservation Association, Tennessee Organic Growers, garden and herb clubs, Local nurseries, book clubs, schools, churches, children camps, Habitat for Humanity and many other organizations locally and around the country.

A versatile speaker, Cindy uses experience and knowledge along with some humor to inspire people to get out in the garden.  When it comes to herb and kitchen gardening she encourages folks and shows them simple ways to incorporate what they are growing into their everyday lives.

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As a freelance writer, Cindy uses her unique perspective on life and gardening to share experience, knowledge, and research with others who are new, wannabes or veteran gardeners.

Cindy writes feature stories for local papers and various magazines. She contributes articles for the Master Page, newsletter for the Williamson County Master Gardeners and wrote a weekly column called “The Cracked Pot Gardener” for the Williamson Herald of Franklin, TN where everyone was reminded to “make gardening fun or it will become work!” Cindy has published her first book, ‘The Cracked Pot Herb Book’ Simple ways to incorporate herbs into everyday life – available on this site.

Cindy is happy to generate blog posts, newsletters and web material.  She has worked for Tractor Supply Company as ‘TSC’s Gardening Expert writing ‘how to’ articles for the lawn and garden section of the Know How Central area of their website.

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Looking for Television and/or Radio program Guest?

Cindy has had the opportunity to share gardening with many via the television on “Talk of the Town” , “Volunteer Gardener”, TSC garden panel on RFD, the Fox 17 early morning show and others. She has been active in local radio talk shows talking about all things gardening.

Need a Garden Coach?

Many people love to garden but may lack the self confidence or knowledge to get the job done.  Cindy comes along side lending support, expertise and cheerleading abilities to build the garden and gardener up.  A Little push with some solid design ideas and plant knowledge is enough to get everyone going in the right direction.  Cindy can also supervise projects to make sure the home owner/gardener is well represented and gets their garden needs and wants met.

Garden Design

Herbs, vegetables and fruit are attractive as well as functional and Cindy specializes in edible landscape and container designs.  Cindy believes Herb and Kitchen gardens meet the needs of every gardener; food, flowers, medicine, beauty, aromatherapy and joy for the soul. Habitat for friendly bugs, microorganisms and critters are just some healthy by-products the garden and gardener benefit from. Cindy understands that most people these days have less time and space to garden so she designs simple, easy to maintain gardens that are beautiful, fun and practical.

Cindy has worked with commercial and residential clients.

Want your Garden Photographed?

Our gardens say a lot about who we are and it is fun to have a photo ‘brag’ book, calendar or framed artwork to show friends and family or to gaze at in the gray of winter to reminisce about past blooms.  All gardens are beautiful even if they are not perfect.  Cindy loves to use her cracked pot perspective on photography to delight gardeners.  Contact her to discuss details and set up a garden shoot.

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