I got Skunked…it Happens

After fifteen years of dedicated service to my Missy, she finally gave me my own blog spot.  I don’t know if she has heard but dogs don’t live forever!  In dogs years I passed 100 a few months ago, but who’s counting?

I still got it, and can work circles around my Missy out in the garden, although not as fast or numerous as days gone by.  Well, who am I kidding; I usually lay around while she works but I keep one eye on her…the good one.

I yip advice from time to time and when I get a good scent,  head out on the trail of a rabbit or mole but these days I mostly reminisce about the good ole dog days of summer when I was a young pup and was always sticking my nose where it didn’t belong.

In those glory days I was invincible.  A Jack Russell by breed and a fire cracker by nature, nothing was ever too big or too dangerous.  Oh how I used to get into mischief as my Missy calls it.

Why I remember one summer a family of skunks would scamper across the neighbor’s back yard yelling insults at me every day at dusk till I could take it no more.  One evening I dug out under the fence and away I went, free as a bird and wild as a young buck.  I caught up to that skunk family and just as I started to put the hurt on, mother skunk turned tail up and squirted out the foulest smelling liquid all over my face.  Yikes, my eyes burned and I couldn’t move my legs fast enough or far enough away from that stench.

I somehow found my way back under the fence and ran as quick as I could to the screened porch where my Missy was chatting it up while swaying on the porch swing.  I remember a slight breeze that rolled in off the garden and moved the wind chimes just enough to make a melodic sound that I could follow with my burning eyes closed.

I found and opened the porch door, using my right paw to make a crack, then following quickly with my nose to wedge the screen door open long enough for me to dive in.

Running had not made a dent in the skunk spray stench, it seemed to follow me.  I couldn’t stand it so I started brushing up against the walls, furniture, and scooting across the floor trying to get that stuff off of me.

Suddenly my Missy stood up, covered her nose and told her friend she had to go.  I of course got into big trouble.  She grabbed me and with one fail swoop pitched me into my kennel and tossed me on the back deck.

Once she stopped gagging she went inside to assess the situation. I could see her through the window holding something over her nose as she gave me the evil eye.

It was an honest accident I thought to myself, who knew that mother skunk was such a good shot?  At least my Missy could get away from it the horrible smell, I was stuck with it.  It seemed like a long time before my Missy emerged from the confines of the house.

She didn’t look too happy and she had a big bucket and a bunch of things in her one hand while she plugged her nose with the other hand.  Soon she was mixing and stirring the stuff in the bucket.  Bubbles foamed up to the top and started to ooze over.

I thought she was going to drowned me when she scooped me up and dumped me in that boiling bucket of bubbles.  She left just the end of my nose out and was carefully protecting my eyes.

After many up and down plunges I was wrapped in a large old towel.  She wrapped me up tighter than a burrito. I couldn’t move a muscle.  Next thing I knew she dumped the remaining bubbling goo in and over my kennel.

I wasn’t happy about being wrapped up but I knew I wasn’t in a good bargaining position.  My missy had the advantage.  I kept thinking about how I was really going to give it to those ole skunks next time I saw them.  I guess I’m glad my Missy couldn’t read my mind or she might have changed her plans and drowned me on the spot.

About an hour later after I was dry I realized I didn’t smell so bad.  Plus my white coat was so soft and bright; nothing like Dawn dishwashing soap and hydrogen peroxide to give a girl a new lease on life.

So dog, if you are going to go after a skunk, let me suggest you attack the front end and don’t let them turn tail and plant those feet or you may end up in a bath like me.

Just in case you miss, here is the antidote recipe to get the stink off – pass it on to your Missy or Mister.

This will work great for you if you are a small breed of canine, if you’re a Labrador you will need a bigger bathtub, so compensate dog.

Fill a five gallon bucket ¾ full with warm water

Add to this the following (do this outdoors)

One quart peroxide

¼ cup baking soda

A squirt of Dawn dishwashing soap, 1-2 teaspoons


Soon life will smelling up with something besides skunk odor!