I garden in Franklin, Tennessee where the weather is fickle, the soil needs lots of amendments and my canine helper, Sweet Annie runs the show.  These conditions make my gardening passion a challenge which teaches me to adjust and adapt quickly while keeping a sense of humor.

I’ve been learning gardening here in Middle Tennessee for about 25 years.  Before that it was Northern Michigan where there are only two seasons…July and winter.  I guess a sense of humor is important no matter where one lives!

Over the years I’ve been blessed with opportunities to share my love of gardening through business and volunteerism.

I have owned and operated two herb farms; Coyote Herb Ranch and Hyssop Hill Herb Farm in Franklin.  My husband and children have always supported my herbie ways and worked really hard in the business.  We grew children, herbs, chickens, rabbits, fruit, nuts, berries and sundry crops of vegetables and perennials in our formative years.

In the midst of herb farm life, I also taught classes, wrote newsletters and home schooled.  We met many wonderful people who supported us in our plant and garden shop sales and tea room.

We may have sold Hyssop Hill but that didn’t keep me from exercising my green thumb in other endeavors.  For five years I worked with the Williamson County Master Gardeners as a volunteer, teacher and President of the non profit organization.  With the help of incredible fellow gardeners and volunteers we started a Spring Garden Show (The Bloom ‘n Garden Expo) which showcases local garden businesses, and offers an academy of classes that covers a plethora of garden topics for the community at large.

The show is run on 100 percent volunteer fuel and the profit benefits our community in the way of grants to support and fund horticulture projects.

I also picked up more and more speaking opportunities; wrote my first book and started freelance writing and garden consulting and design on a regular basis…and I guess you could say it has blossomed.  I get to share my love of gardening with lots of folks from beginning gardeners to hortaholics (like myself).

I’m truly thankful and praying for a gardener…a tired girl can dream, right?