Boskey Dell Native Nursery Visit

I’ve wanted to visit Boskey Dell Native nursery ever since it was recommended to me on an herb walk a while back. Located in West Linn, Oregon; a cute little town just south of Portland. So, when my husband decided we needed a driving adventure to Oswego Lake(another little town south of Portland) I jumped at the opportunity knowing we would be close to Boskey Dell Natives.


After a lovely lunch and community garden stop in Lake Oswego (more about that later) we found it, a Native Nursery like no other.

There are some native herbs here in the Pacific North West that I would like to take back and grow on my farm in Middle TN. Like Oregon Grape; which you have to admit seems rather appropriate considering it is native to Oregon and the official state flower. We have Mahonia aplenty in Middle Tennessee but I wanted a woodland species not so readily available like Mahonia repens, a low growing spreader.

I also am intrigued with Ceanothus (California Lilac) another Pacific Coast native herb that I have always admired in England and Scotland (before I realized it where it was from). It is a spring bloomer that pollinators just love and the blue color is just so pretty. I hope with a well drained and protected sunny spot I can convince this blue stunner to be happy in my garden where humidity and clay reign…and where cold to hot (and visa versa) weather fluctuations is the norm. A girl can dream and perhaps with a little gardening know how, well time will tell.


We arrived at Boskey Dell Natives late afternoon and when I stepped out of the car and was greeted by a small flock of hens I knew it was going to be a fun experience. The nursery was made up of rooms filled with containers based on the plant cultural needs…sun, shade, protection from winds, etc.  IMG_4876

As I rounded the first corner, there was a vintage sink under an evergreen tree with Touch-me-not or Jewelweed growing in it. Perfect since, this wild herb thrives in a wet, shady habitat.



I watched customers push their carts loaded with plants and couldn’t help but hear them talking excitedly about what they needed for where in their gardens.


As I looked around and waited to ask someone where I might find the plants I had come for I noticed all the interesting vintage architectural pieces that had been added to the greenhouse ends that gave them a warm inviting feel. IMG_4871I like to be surprised by unusual old stuff that has been repurposed and at every   turn I was delighted.IMG_4878


After I had found the native plants I was looking for, had paid for them, and was headed to the car I met the owner, Lory Duralia. A woman after my own heart, after talking to her for just a short time I knew we were kindred spirits. Lory graciously took the time to take me on a tour to show me her latest projects and explain to me how she creates and works along side mother nature to build habitats to ensure a balance in her gardens, business and life. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her sense of style is inspirational. Her love of antiques is beyond obvious and how she incorporates them into every aspect of her life is beyond fun…a page out of Country Living on steroids.IMG_4868


She showed me her new building that she built as a memorial to her mother with an owl apartment above. Every old window, door, beam, and architectural piece has a story. And as for the owls, she didn’t exactly have any but her, “if you build it they will come” attitude worked as there are a pair of screech owls who have taken up residence, now granted they aren’t in the foretold apartment but they are close, roosting on the beams just under the apartment.

IMG_4860    IMG_4861

Another project was a remodel or build out of a carport/garage where she made a habitat or respite place for people…anyone who needs a place to come and get quiet with some comfortable chairs, woodstove and a window that overlooks a small creek meandering through peaceful green woods.

IMG_4857A place to duck out of the world for a spell to collect oneself, “It works for me”, she says with a smile.


Lory’s love of flora, fauna and folks, young and old are apparent everywhere you look. She is a giver and she will be the first to tell you it comes back over and over again as she shares her passion of nature with others.

Lory in her 'happy place'

Lory in her ‘happy place’


She takes her stewardship of her piece of this earth seriously and encourages everyone to build habitats to enjoy wherever you live. Thank you Lory and I look forward to a return visit to Boskey Dell Natives soon. 🙂



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