Make Jelly from Queen Anne’s Lace

I have always loved Queen Anne’s lace, wild carrot, Dacus carota. She was supporting cast in the first short story I wrote for a college creative writing class. My future husband used to go to a sweet little flower garden called Rowe’s garden in Charlevoix, MI to buy flowers with Sweet Pea and … [Read More...]


Tea Garden in a Pot!!

Click below to view my gardening segment for this week on Nashville Channel 5. A short ad will appear ahead of the segment…so please be patient. Thanks to Tuwanda Coleman and the NewsChannel5 … [Read More...]

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Make a Sustainable Okra Seed Angel

Saving Okra seed is as easy as picking mature pods (way past their prime) and letting them dry. Many folks use these cool pods for craft projects like Christmas Decorations. So this past year I decided I would make these re-useable, multi-purpose ‘Okra Angels’ for gifts. They are easy to … [Read More...]


Thanks for watching me on News Channel 5 “Talk of the Town” today!!

Many thanks to Tuwanda Coleman and the Talk of the Town team for inviting me on the show! For more "Cracked Pot" wisdom please check out my book shown on the right side of the page. … [Read More...]