Breaking News: Workshops Scheduled at the Cracked Pot Homestead

Please come visit me for these Workshops at my farm……..more workshops will be coming up soon!! Raised Bed Gardening April 26 (Saturday) 2pm to 4pm…..and May 1 (Thursday) 10am to noon Cost: $35.00 per person  Want to grow veggies and herbs in your back (or front) yard?  Join Cindy for a … [Read More...]

Attention Homeschool Families: Come to my Workshops at Fern Top Nature Preschool!

Where:  Fern Top, 7731 Fernvale Rd, Fairview, TN  37062 When:   May 2 and May 15, 2014 Time:    10am to noon Cost:     $5.00 per person or $25.00 per family (NOTE: Special low pricing to support homeschool families) Bring:    Insect repellant, lunch, drink and a discovery … [Read More...]

crown or root - looks like a sea creature

Asparagus, Planting the Crowning Glory of the Kitchen Garden

Asparagus, Asparagus officinalis is a perennial vegetable in the onion family that I look forward to each spring in my kitchen garden.  This vegetable brings back memories of my childhood when I had to help pick a half-acre every other morning for weeks in the spring.  My mother assured me that it … [Read More...]

"I'm thinking, I'm thinking…do I really need a living roof?"

Singing the Real Estate Blues

When we moved to our farm, we were greeted by Eastern bluebirds, who perched on the wire fences on both sides of our driveway.  One pair started making their nest in the eve of the barn but after careful consideration opted for another place to nest.  They probably figured that out after the first … [Read More...]